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Koori Radio Kr00 is proud to present SURVIVE as the theme for the Yabun Festival 2014 at Victoria Park, Camperdown on Sunday 26th January 2014. Australia’s premier one-day Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander festival, Yabun showcases the best of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander arts and culture in the heart of Gadigal country, Sydney Australia. Yabun a Gadigal word meaning to make music with a beat is in its 12th year in 2014.


YABUN Festival 2014 – Program



Where is Yabun Festival 2014? Check it out here:

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YABUN Festival 2014 – “PARRA POP-UP”

January 16 | Parramatta Mall | 4 – 8:30pm


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YABUN Festival 2014 – Yabun Movie Night

January 24 | Pioneers Memorial Park, Leichhardt | Sunset


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YABUN Festival 2014 – AFTERPARTY


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The Yabun After Party will step it up a notch with powerful performances by two of the biggest names in Australian Hip Hop.

Headlined by acclaimed MC Sky’High and hip hop pioneers Native Ryme with support from Koori Radio’s own DJ Black President, the Yabun After Party promises to be explosive. Yabun After Party will be held at The Factory Theatre, 104 Victoria Rd, Marrickville on 26th January 2014. Doors open at 8.30pm until late.

Tickets can be bought online at http://www.factorytheatre.com.au/events/2014/01/26/yabun-after-party or in person at Koori Radio 93.7FM 2LND – Level 3; 27 Cope Street Redfern (9:30am to 5pm)

$30 presale

$35 on the door


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